Free Brake Inspection
Your brakes are the most important safety feature on your vehicle. That’s why Brake & Tire offers free brake inspections for all vehicle and light trucks. At Brake & Tire, we work to earn your trust and business for a lifetime.

Lowest Price Guaranteed
Brake & Tire will match or beat any competitor’s written estimate for like services, parts and warranties.

Lifetime Warranties
Brake & Tire Lifetime Brake Warranty applies to non-commercial passenger and light duty vehicles only, and warrants its’ brake shoes and disc pads for as long as the customer owns the vehicle. The brake shoes and disc brake pads will be considered worn out when the lining’s minimum wearable thickness is less than the manufacturer’s specifications.

What is included in the Lifetime Brake Service?
We begin with a comprehensive inspection of your car’s entire braking system.
Pads and shoes are replaced and warranted for as long as you own the car.
Wheel bearings are repacked as needed.
The backing plate and caliper anchor are lubricated.
The brake fluid is topped off.
The hydraulic system is purged of air and adjusted.
Drums and rotors are refinished if they have become scored.
At an additional cost, the drums and rotors are replaced if they are too badly worn.
Based on our inspection, there may be other components that may need to be replaced.
Metallic pads are extra.
Topping off master cylinder brake
Fluid reservoir
Road test

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